A new perspective on design

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ReWorked is concept farm, education, and design service. Our mission is to share and apply permaculture concepts, natural biological systems, and waste reduction to every grow space design. Permaculture research, heirloom propagation, and medicinal herb gardens are the primary focus on the 9 acre ReWorked farm campus.



Design, installation, education and maintenance for "low-impact", organic and permaculture gardenscapes.

We also provide unique and sustainably sourced nursery plants.



To speak with someone about a consultation, please contact us through facebook or email:

Living soil systems

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Living Soil Systems are a specialized approach to cultivation, focused on topsoil retention and the microbial health of your soil. Fermented nutrients and biological symbiosis are key ingredients in a healthy media. Inoculated soils, can become “starters” to add to sterile, nutritionally devoid, or microbially inactive plots to enhance soil health and product yield.

Eco conscious sourcing

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Eco Conscious Sourcing is possibly one of the most important and impactful considerations to make when building new grow space. Not only are you reducing an overall carbon footprint when you source locally and sustainably, but you are continuing to ensure the overall health of your soil. From locally brewed, organic pest deterrents, to the renewable and free resources that can be found all around you; ReWorked seeks to give you a new perspective on grow space design.